This is important information about Lasix

Do not use this medication if you cannot urinate properly. Before you start using Lasix, it is strongly recommended to inform your healthcare provider if you have any health problems, and especially if you have enlarged prostate, kidney disease, cirrhosis or other liver disease, urination problems, high cholesterol, an electrolyte imbalance, diabetes, lupus, gout, or if are an allergic to sulfa medications. If you are going to take Lasix, you should know that there is a range of medications that should not be combined with Lasix, because of interaction. There are 674 medications known to interact with Lasix which you should avoid.


What is Lasix?

A generic name for this medication is Furosemide. Lasix is the medication that is used by the people who needs to prevent their bodies from absorbing too much salt. Thanks to this medication, the salt can be passed in your urine and not remain in body. This medication can be prescribed for the people who suffer from fluid retention (edema). It makes sense to prescribe with medication for the people who have liver disease, congestive heart failure or a kidney disorder. This medication can also be prescribed to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). You should only take this medication if it was recommended to you by your healthcare provider.

You healthcare provider will tell you how much of this medication you can be taken, which is determined by a range of factors, and you should following the recommendations of your doctor strictly. Lasix is sold in the form of tables that are of 20, 40 and 80 mg. Thus, you can be prescribed with the dose between 20 and 80 mg. You may be prescribed with some dose at the beginning and it may be adjusted in some time if your doctor thinks that you need to take another dose.

If you use Lasix, you may have some side effects as well as severe side effects. If you have severe side effects, like ringing hearing loss, unable to urinate and others, you should contact your doctor with no delays. It is important to get immediate help in such cases.